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Microlatch are leaders in the design, development and manufacture of commercial Wireless solutions.  Microlatch Wireless platforms offer communications focused within the access control security markets, smart homes, smart control with encrypted communications.  Microlatch has expertise with RF Radio Systems, Zigbee, KEELOQ, Bluetooth and a number of derivative technologies.  Wireless solutions offer simple and less-costly installations, more security with sophisticated encryption processes and enable mobile devices or credentials, biometrics, RF keyfobs and remotes.

Biometrics with RF are self-contained and self-managed, offering enormous advantages to customers.  There is no need for computers to control and transmit personal biometrics details, therefore, NO privacy issues.  The combination of self contained biometrics and standard communication output options such as RF Wireless, Bluetooth, RFID Contactless Smart Card and USB offers unparalleled simplicity and flexibility.  In addition, seamless integration with existing security infrastructure and access control card readers enables card or credential holder identification with our latest technology  These self-contained products offer a new dimension in uniquely identifying the Credential User via their biometrics authentication process, rather than the CARD or PIN being Used!  The Microlatch patented solutions have been adapted to Automotive, Mobile Device, Phone and Tablet Technologies, PC Networking Access, Building Access, Hotel & Leisure Industry, Corporate attendance, Medical, Universities and many more....

Microlatch has developed and patented Wiegand output mobile products utilising long range wireless communications, incorporating the encrypted wiegand code within the RF carrier frequency.  These devices, non-biometrics or biometrics versions can optionally contain a miniature RFID or NFC IC circuit (same as access card), offering badging option with same wiegand I/D's as the long range RF secure rolling code transmission output.  The products operate with all global security systems and most control systems such as intruder alarms, gate controls etc.  

The global economy is moving quickly away from Passwords in order to enhance security of online trading and communications, Microlatch patents were created to meet this demand.  Microlatch invented stand-alone operation within a self-contained mobile biometrics device; without the requirement for PC management, which was mandatory before Microlatch concepts and Intellectual Property was developed and marketed.  Microlatch invented stand-alone / self contained biometrics products and solutions; we now continue this philosophy and strive to build upon this successful platform, even more user-friendly, versatile and flexible product offerings whilst maintaining optimum security.


Chris Burke

Founder and CEO


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